Earth, soil and Ground ANchors - MANTA RAY -

In special circumstances, the footprints of landscape, swimming pools, slabs, or even your home
might be too close (within 10 to 12 foot) to your seawall.  Manta Ray Earth Anchors can be driven underneath the obstruction.  Ground Anchors can be incorporated with a new seawall in front of the old in areas where you cannot safely replace the existing seawall. Soil and Earth Anchors are more cost effective for repair, and doesn't require excavation, digging or disturbing the landscape.  Earth anchors sizes, spacing, and torque specifications are engineering factors that are used to place the anchors where needed.

Advantages of Earth Anchors: 
1. No Excavation, Deep Holes or Digging
2. Environment & Landscape Sensitive Installs
3. Very Low Soil or Landscape Disturbances
4. Lower Cost then Replacing a Seawall
5. Effectively Repairs and Stabilizes Failing Seawalls
6. Corrosive Protection for All Weather Environments
7. Up to 20 Tons of Capacity for Seawall Stabilization

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